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Play Bleach vs Naruto math playground


Bleach vs Naruto

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Date Added: 2015-09-27
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Description: Naruto vs Bleach is an action game with Naruto.Play Naruto vs Bleach as 1 player,2 player or vs CPU.Bleach vs Naruto is back in version 2.3 adding 2 new characters and a new summon character. For Naruto side, the megalomaniac Deidara, specialist in explosions and member of the Akatsuki. For Bleach, the bald Ikkaku Madarame, 3rd Seat of the Eleventh Division in the Gotei 13. Finally, Yachiru Kusajishi (Bleach), the girl with pink hair lieutenant of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13, was added as a summon character. Definitely one of the best fighting game about these two cult animes.


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